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Trophy Center Engraving & Military Awards   ~   Weilerbacher Straße 110   ~   D-67661 Kaiserslautern – Einsiedlerhof


Cancellation Policy

Many customers have been placing orders and/or services “on a whim” or placing orders for items they are not sure of, then changing their minds. This has become very costly and we have been forced to adjust our Cancellation Policy. We apologize for this inconvenience. Online Orders: You have 24 hours from the date you placed your order to cancel your order for full refund, unless otherwise specified during your order processing procedure . After 24 hours, your order is processed. There is no cancellation of orders AFTER 24 hours of placing your order. Cancellation of orders after 24 hours will be charged 100% of the total order. No refund will be applied. There are NO returns or exchanges on any product purchased. It is your responsibility to ensure you are ordering the CORRECT product you need (includes size, style, model, brand, etc.) Damaged products are to be returned for full EXCHANGE. There is no refunds. Defective materials are to be submitted to the Manufacturer. Telephone Orders: We don’t accept Orders over Phone. For Orders we just accept a Fax or E-Mail-Orders with separate Order confirmation. 24 hour Service Excluded from “24 hour cancellation” are custom designed items with custom engraving within 1 Day delivery service.