We have been in the business for more than 60 years, and are proud of the reputation for being one of the leading companies in our field, in Germany. The Owners of the Business ~ Sandra & J. R.  Kulbick ~ are the 3rd Generation of  Professional Engravers. We are constantly improving and modernizing our techniques and machinery, which allows us to always offer best quality for good & fair price. All across Europe, we supply several military organizations Europe wide. Our range of products is endless. We engrave with most modernized computers, and are experts in engraving motives. We have approx. 10000 different unit crests, rank crests, tanks, air planes, trucks, weapons, sketches of states and many more motives on file. We can even put any special personal motives on file for free (we don’t charge for molding if the quallity of picture is good enough).

Here are only a few of the many items we carry Trophies, Plaques, Paper Weights, Frames, Desk sets, Eagles, Patches, Medals, Vinyl Decals, Plastic and Metal Emblems, Stickpins, A Variety of Tin, Glass and Pewter Plates and Figures, Mugs and Cups, Various Crystal and Glass Items…

Our excellent reputation, and the just-right program that we have, guarantees always top turnover and graduations from your commander to you. We are a self-producing company. We are specialised in taking care of individual requests! We would be happy if you visit us to learn more about us and our service!

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